Store Policies

August 28, 2021

Refund/Redelivery Policy:

Note: Due to people cheating with false claims over the years in SL, these rules will be enforced with no exceptions! Please understand this.
    • on purchasing the wrong applier brand or item. Please read the sign carefully & check for the logo of the brand you seek. I try very hard to make sure it is well labeled with text & logos. I didn't see the sign/logo is not a good excuse.
    • on items that are no transfer and/or copy. All purchases are final. Why? Because it is no transfer meaning you can not return the item
    • because you didn't like the item or it didn't fit properly. If there is a Demo please try it first. This is why designers create demos when they can.
    • on duplicate purchases after 30 days (see duplicate purchases policy below)

Below are the ONLY reasons Eventyra will Refund or Exchange Items:

  • Refunds may be granted for duplicate purchases within 30 days of the original purchase.
  • If the items don't work. I will do my best to fix the item and offer an exchange. As the items are no transfer I can not offer refunds. 
  • If it is my fault. I'll admit when I make mistakes and make it right with my customers. If I set the vendor incorrectly and I catch or a customer notices it I will make it right with anyone that purchased from it. However not reading the vendors/images is not my fault.

Double Purchases:  

  • Double Purchases are the only L$ refund Eventyra will grant. However they must be claimed within 30 days of the original purchase. You must be able to share actual transaction history.
  • The L$ refund amount will only be for the newest purchase.
  • Hunt/Gift items do not count as part of a double purchase unless there is transaction history.


  • Remember: Redelivery is a a courtesy not a promise!
  • In-world Redelivery is available at the mainstore. You may also purchase a free Redelivery/Store credit checker on MP or at the main store. If you purchased the products on MP they are not available using the Redelivery HUD or Mainstore System. You must redeliver them using MP.
  • If Re-delivery does not work or you have missing items or failed transactions: Please file a support ticket.
  • Always double check that you don't have the item already or have a qualified rebranding upgrade. If you bought the item previously under the DP name (and it was not part of a hunt/gift or a speical event that did not allow for re-delivery ) it should be available in the redelivery. I am not responsible that you did not double check first. This will not be honored as a double purchase.
  • Transfer items are not possible to redeliver nor will they be replaced unless the original item can be transfered to me for repair.

Gacha Policy: 

  • NOTE: As of Sept 1, 2021 - Gacha's are discontinued and no longer allowed as part of Linden Labs new ruling and change on gacha. All warranties for Gacha products purchased in gacha form are void after this date. 
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